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Kazakh leader critisizes new Ukrainian power

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Kazakhstan's president Nursultan Nazarbayev stated it is impossible to imagine a Ukrainian scenario in Kazakhstan, writes

"The new authorities in Ukraine have come and now say will deprive a part of their population of citizenship and ban them from speaking their mother tongue. How this could be?" he says.

"It is impossible to imagine a similar thing happening here in Kazakhstan. We have everything we need - God gave us land, we have resources and we all can confidently look to the future of our children if we stand united. 

Everyone looks at us with admiration, they come here to learn how to live, which is not an easy thing to achieve," the president said.

Another time, Nazarbayev reiterated that in a place with no stability won't be peace.

"Nothing will be the result if no friendship and unity," IA Novosti Kazakhstan cited the leader of the Central Asia's largest country.

"Look at the situation in Libya after everything that happened there lately - squabbles between various clans. There is no a state virtually. Egypt is seeing continuous religious clashes. Everyday reports say 50 people were killed one day, 60 people on the other. People are being killed there! What's going on in Syria - one people - one man kills the other man - a civil war running there. That is all because of lack of unity and mutual understanding," he continued.

In conclusion Nazarbayev said every person in Kazakhstan must feel living there comfortable. 


April 3 2014, 12:56

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