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Nazarbayev: There will be nothing free of charge in Kazakhstan

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President Nazarbayev during his meeting with the public of Aqmola Oblast stated that people adhere to a wrong opinion with regard to Housing and Communal Utilities Modernization.
According to the President, people still do not understand the advantages of the project, therefore it may soon be suspended. He pointed out that nobody would repair anything  for free in market economy conditions.
- All ‘khruschyovka’ living blocks (low-cost, cement-paneled or brick three- to five-storied apartment building which was developed in the USSR in early 1960s during the time its namesake Nikita Khrushchev directed the Soviet government) are 40-50 years old and are nearly collapsing. And now we will say “if you want your apartment, which is your property, to be repaired, the government will pay 50% for you and you pay the rest over the next 20 years with no bank interest. Repair the communication lines, the roof and entrance. After this the price per square meter of your apartments will grow three times”. However we still can’t convey this to the people. We will stop the program if things go on like this, - said Nazarbayev.
- Nothing will be free of charge anymore. And in general, nothing will ever be free of charge in future. In contrary, we will increase the revenue of people, so that everybody is able to afford education and medical services, but gradually, - pointed out the president.   
He also noted that we should teach the youth to work and earn money.
- There are all opportunities for that. Social parasites always existed and we need to work with such people, - Nazarbayev added.

August 23 2012, 20:04

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