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Nauryz Holidays in Atyrau

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By Zulfiya Bainekeeva

Photo from archive.Photo from archive.Atyrau Mayor’s Office informed that Nauryz celebration will start on March 21, at 11:00am at the central Makhambet and Issatay Square.

This year the concert program called “Welcome, Nauryz”will include elements and theatrical and circus show. Also the celebration program includes children's games “Baldyrgan”, national board games and chess tournaments, national wrestling competitions, kettlebell lifting, arm-wrestling, game of asyk (sheep knuckle bones), tuf-of-war, altybakan (national swings), etc.

Theatrical show of Kazakh national traditions (wedding ceremony - opening of bridegroom’ face, parents seeing the daughter off to new family, putting baby into cradle ceremony, welcoming a young wife to a family and others will be demonstrated).

The cultural programs dedicated to Mauryz celebration will be organized in various parts of the city – on March 21, at 11:00AM the celebrations will be held in Nursaya district (in front of Ataba supermarkekt), in Balykshi (in front of Akku shop), in Victory Park. In Privokzalny district the celebration will be organized at S. Mukashev Boulevard.

The celebrations will be finished in the evening by Gala Concert of Kazakhstan pop stars which will start at 8:00PM on central Makhambet and Issatay Square. And the celebration will end with festive fire works at night.

March 17 2014, 13:33

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