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Kazakhstan, CompactGTL to Develop Small Scale GTL Plant

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Source: CompactGTLSource: CompactGTLMinistry of Oil and Gas of the Republic of Kazakhstan and CompactGTL have signed an agreement for development of world’s first small scale GTL plant, reports.

“The proposed plant is expected to bring with it significant future commercial and environmental benefits. Up to 820,000 cubic metres of associated gas that might otherwise be wasted will be fed through the plant every day to produce approximately 3,000 bpd of synthetic diesel. In a year, the plant is expected to monetise over 300 million cubic metres of gas,” CompactGTL has said in a statement.

The company believes Kazakhstan offers considerable potential for its proven small-scale GTL technology.

According to CompactGTL, the new GTL plant will contribute to President Nazarbayev’s 'Strategy of innovative development of Kazakhstan until 2020' by creating a local high technology industry that processes associated gas to produce fuels for local consumption. 

The company expects to have a fully functioning small-scale GTL plant in operation in 2017.

March 12 2014, 09:43

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