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“Rebranding of KZ should encourage Kazakh people to unite”, “Ukraine: The military balance of power”, “Crimea: the fight is over information”, “Obama: Netanyahu must make 'tough decisions'”, “Crop diversity decline threatens food security"

862 просмотрs “Rebranding of Kazakhstan should encourage Kazakh people to unite”- Renaming Kazakhstan into Kazakh Eli should encourage the nation to unite, said member of Kazakh Parliament Tursynbek Umirzakov in an interview with “Crimea caught in a 'war of information' - The standoff in Ukraine's Crimea region is a strange one, where soldiers appear to be standing around amid an air of calm. They wear no military insignia, but there's little doubt about who they are. “Ukraine: The military balance of power” - On paper, at least, the Ukrainian military looks credible, though it is numerically inferior to the Russian armed forces - Moscow having about four times as many active troops and twice as many tanks as Kiev.

“Obama: Netanyahu must make 'tough decisions'” - US President Barack Obama has warned that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu must make "tough decisions" to advance peace talks with the Palestinians.

“Crop diversity decline 'threatens food security'” - Fewer crop species are feeding the world than 50 years ago - raising concerns about the resilience of the global food system, a study has shown. "FIFA lifts ban on head covers"- Football's world governing body FIFA has authorised the wearing of head covers for religious purposes during matches. “Saudi Arabia: Russia guilty in Syria’s bloodshed” - Saudi Arabia lashed out on Friday at Russian criticism of the kingdom's support for the Syrian opposition, saying it was Moscow's support for the Syrian regime that encourages President Bashar al-Assad to continue his brutality, Al Arabiya reported.

March 4 2014, 10:50

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