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“Biden promises 'full' US support to new Ukrainian PM”, “UK, US spies stored millions of Yahoo webcam images”, “70th anniversary of Ingush Genocide: Head of State expresses gratitude to Kazakhstan”, “Wanted For Mass Murder: Viktor Yanukovych”

1 152 просмотрs “Sexually abused orphan from Kazakhstan gets new foster family” -  The orphan girl from Kazakhstan who was sexually abused by her adoptive father in the United States, now lives with a new foster family, Tengrinews reports referring to Raissa Sher, Chairwoman of the Commission for Children's Rights Protection of the Kazakhstan Ministry of Education and Science.

“Biden promises 'full' US support to new Ukrainian PM” - S Vice President Joe Biden promised Ukraine's pro-Western interim leaders "full" US support Thursday as they seek to head off Russian influence, AFP reports.

“70th anniversary of Ingush Genocide: Head of State expresses gratitude to Kazakhstan”- Head of the southern Russian republic of Ingushetia Yunus-bek Yevkurov expressed his gratitude to Kazakhstanis in a letter addressed to President Nazarbayev, Tengrinewsreports citing Akorda. “UK, US spies stored millions of Yahoo webcam images” -  Britain's communications spy agency GCHQ and the US National Security Agency (NSA) intercepted and stored images from webcams used by millions of Yahoo users, the Guardian newspaper reported on Thursday. “Finnish parliamentary delegation expected in Kazakhstan” - A delegation, led by speaker of the Parliament of Finland Eero Heinäluoma, will pay an official visit to Kazakhstan on March 2-5, 2014. “Avakov says two Crimean airports taken over by Russian army”- Two Crimean airports were taken over by Russian military troops, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said on Facebook this morning. He said the situation in the autonomous republic has now escalated to “a military intervention” and called on the National Security Council to take urgent steps towards its regulation.

“Wanted For Mass Murder: Viktor Yanukovych” - Overthrown Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, wanted for mass murder and stealing as much as $70 billion from Ukraine in the last three years, remains defiant as a fugitive from justice. 

“Ukraine’s government, old vs. New” - Before his nomination as prime minister on Feb. 27, Arseniy Yatseniuk said he was going to lead a “kamikaze government.” His Cabinet has 21 members, a mix of veteran politicians, EuroMaidan activists and a few people who could make a big difference.

February 28 2014, 16:39

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