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KazTransGas to explore coalbed methane in central Kazakhstan

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Kazakh city of Karaganda hosted the ceremony of signing of a cooperation memorandum between Karaganda oblast's akimat (municipal government) and the national gas and gas supply operator - KazTransGas Joint Stock Company, according to a message from the company.

"The document's main purpose is the joint implementation of investment project for exploration and production of coalbed methane in Karaganda coal basin," the company said.

The parties agreed that the akimat will assist the national operator in obtaining permission documents and connecting to the region's necessary infrastructure, as well as, providing information on the potential natural gas needs of Karaganda oblast's population and enterprises.

The document also notes that in case of confirmation of resource base, KazTransGas' will develop a plan for the gas supply of oblast's residential areas and sharing technologies for extracting coalbed methane with other partners working at the Karaganda coal basin.


February 24 2014, 09:44

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