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“Ukrainian President Willing to Hold Early Vote", “KZ Central Bank Head Denies Bankruptcy Rumors”, “Dubai’s Arabtec Says Its Unit Wins $272m Kazakh Contract”, “Kazakh El comes from the 'Mangilik El' ideological program”, “Positive Thinking is Bad for You

1 172 просмотрs “President Obama, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper bet beer on Olympic hockey games” - The two North American leaders wagered a case of beer on both the men’s and women’s U.S.-Canada matchups this week. Allies yesterday, rivals today: President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper shake hands Thursday at a North American leaders summit. The pair made a friendly wager over the fates of their respective countries’ Olympic hockey teams. “Kazakhstan Central Bank Head Denies Bankruptcy Rumors” - Kazakhstan’s central bank sought to temper concerns among savers Tuesday by dismissing rumors of looming bankruptcy at several lenders in the oil-rich Central Asian nation.’s Arabtec Says Its Unit Wins $272m Kazakh Contract” - A subsidiary of Dubai-based builder Arabtec Holding has won a Dhs1 billion ($272 million) contract in Kazakhstan, Arabtec said on Wednesday. “Kazakh El comes from the 'Mangilik El' ideological program” - Country name change to Kazakh El is a part of the "Mangilik El" ideological program. The chairman of the Russian ethnocultural association Vsevolod Lukashev shared his opinion.

“Russia hopes Kazakhstan to finish negotiations on WTO accession in first half of 2014” - Russia hopes that Kazakhstan will finish negotiations on accession to the World Trade Organization in the first half of 2014, director of the trade negotiations department of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia Maksim Medvedkov said during the open lecture of the Ministry, CA-News reported, citing Russian media. “Google unveils 3D sensor smartphone” - Google has unveiled a prototype smartphone with "customised hardware and software" that enables it to create 3D maps of a user's surroundings. Positive Thinking is Bad for You- As readers may have guessed, I’ve never been a fan of positive thinking. It’s a bizarre belief system wrapped around a justification of being lazy, of fantasizing that you can magnetize good outcomes, as opposed to rolling up your sleeves and getting to work in your life. The New-Agey extreme form is just creepy, where people talk about love and light, which therefore means refusing to acknowledge all the twisted stuff in their psyche that actually runs them, as well as their routine bad behavior, like undermining their kids or being stingy. Ukrainian President Willing to Hold Early Vote - Polish PM - The president of Ukraine told European foreign ministers Thursday that he is willing to hold early elections this year, the prime minister of Poland has told reporters.

Anti-Prize for Pseudoscience Created in Russia- A satirical prize for top achievements in pseudoscience has been established in Russia, its creators said Thursday. The Obscurantist prize accepts nominations from the public until April 14, according to its website. No date is set for the first award ceremony.

February 21 2014, 10:48

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