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64 Outgoing VIP Flights Registered at Kiev Airport

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Zhulyany Airport in KievZhulyany Airport in KievThere have been 64 VIP flights registered at the Zhulyany Airport in Kiev. This was informed by the dispatcher’s office for this airport in Ukraine’s capital, reports, citing 

On Thursday Oleg Liashko, a Supreme Rada deputy, said that planes carrying the families of the Yanukovych sons made emergency flights out of Ukraine. 

Viktor Yanukovich’s press service for its part claimed that the President’s sons and their families are still in Ukraine.  Officials in the Presidential Administration also said that Yanukovich “is at his place of work and is doing everything he can to get Ukraine out of its political crisis.”

Earlier it was reported that the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Rybak sent the family from the Kiev Zhulyany airport  to Budapest. The VIP-hall of the old terminal D of the airport of "Zhulyany" is overflowed by flying-away passengers.

Earlier the editor-in-chief of the Tribune edition Eugeny Lauer wrote in Facebook that via the same terminal the first vice speaker of Rada Igor Kaletnik, and also the Minister of Revenues and Taxes Alexander Klimenko left today. According to the journalist, each of them took away with themselves several bags and suitcases delivered to the airport by CIT vehicles.

At the London Heathrow airport the plane of the owner of SKM corporation Rinat Akhmetov landed.

It was reported earlier that the memeber of the Party of Regions Oleg Tsarev departed to Russia.

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