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Moscow School Shooting Suspect in Pretrial Custody

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Moscow school where the shooting took placeMoscow school where the shooting took placeA Moscow court ruled on Tuesday to place in pretrial custody a teenager suspected of fatally shooting two people in his school the previous day, reports.

The Basmanny District Court ruled that the teenager, whose name was not disclosed, should be remanded to pretrial detention until April 3, the RAPSI legal information agency reported.

The boy’s parents did not attend the hearing.

“The parents have de-facto withdrawn from the proceedings. There’s no contact with them. They’re not answering their mobile phones,” the court said in a ruling.

The student reportedly made his way into the school with a rifle on Monday by threatening a guard who immediately called the police. Investigators said the weapon belonged to the boy’s father.

The teen barged into a classroom where his geography teacher was giving a lesson and fatally wounded him, then held about 20 students hostage, authorities said.

The gunman also shot a police officer who arrived on the scene and wounded another, police said.

Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said the boy fired at least 11 shots from one rifle. A police report said the boy had two guns.

February 5 2014, 09:27

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