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'Smart rubber' to be produced in Kazakhstan

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The first recycling plant for used tires has been opened in Kyzylorda city in southern Kazakhstan on January 27, 2014, tengrinews reports citing the press-service of the Oblast Akimat (Regional Authorities).

Tires will be recycled into 'smart rubber' in the from of rubber granules and subsoil irrigation tubes. The rubber granules will be used to make artificial turf for children's playgrounds and football fields. Besides, they will be used for road surfacing, as a component of asphalt pavement the active rubber granules will improves its durability and make the road surface more fracture resistant, waterproof, elastic and help decrease the breaking path.

Subsurface irrigation tubes produced from the recycled tires are very thin tubes with micropores that ensure a very effective use of irrigation water. Besides, according to the project's authors, they are more convenient than subsurface drip irrigation devices.

The 'smart rubber' technology belongs to SmartRubber LLP that is a joint enterprise of DorStroi LLP and KazKauchuk LLP. The project of used tires recycling is funded by the grant provided by the National Agency for Technological Development. The advantages of this project are utilization of rubber wastes and reuse of the expensive original caoutchouc.

When the plant will operate at its full capacity, its production will make 270 tons of rubber granules a year, which equals to 7500-17500 sq.m. of sports turfs for children's playgrounds or four football fields. Plus it will be producing 440 tons of active rubber granules a year which is equal to 2.8 kilometers of road, and 3.9 million meters of subsurface irrigation tubes a year, which is equal to irrigation of 180-200 hectares of farmland via the most progressive method.

During the opening ceremony the Akim (Governor) of Kyzylorda Obalst Krymbek Kusherbayev stressed that this plant was very important for the region, because diversifies the local economy and at the same time improves the ecological situation through effective recycling of tires and popularization of innovative moisture saving technology of subsurface irrigation

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