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Wolf attacked two people in Inder

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By Lyazzat Karazhanova

Yesterday, January 27, in Inderborsky village a wolf attacked humans. Two people suffered, one of them is in critical condition and put into hospital.

- “I got up at 8 o'clock in the morning and went to the yard. Suddenly I was attacked by an animal from behind, who bit into a shin of my right foot. I started to beat its head with my fists and the animal, not immediately, but run away. I thought it was a dog, buy only later I found out that it was a wolf. I limped to the hospital where they stitched up a wound and made a rabies vaccine. I am still limping,”- says Zhumabergen Bozekenov.

And at 3 o'clock in the afternoon the predator attacked Aldash Isaev. The wolf knocked down  89-y.o. war veteran in his own yard and bit him.

- “After lunch I was putting my grandson to bed. And, holy God, I see that my younger son is carrying my old man into the house who was all in blood. My husband just managed to say that he was attacked by a wolf. We called an ambulance... It wasn’t for nothing that all night long the dogs barked. How do we know that the reason they barked were wolves” - says  Raya Isaeva, wiping her tears off.

On the same day the predator killed four sheep in Birzhan Fazylov's yard.

- “I was at work when Birzhan's son called me. He asked me to rush to his house and provide help. When I entered the yard I saw that two guys - Eskaziyev and Kayupov  - with shovels and pitchforks were trying to attack the wolf. I grabbed a pry bar and joined them. We hit many times the resisting predator, until it calmed down. Then the policemen arrived and confirmed kill,” – says the village resident Askhat Shopanov.

The village residents say that one more wolf is wandering in a local park. However this information wasn't confirmed.

- We sent the wolf corpse to the laboratory to find out whether it had rabies, -  says Satybaldy Orazgaliyev, the head of veterinary department of Inder village.

We visited the regional hospital in order to find out the condition of Aldash-aga, who was severely injured.

- Aldash Isayev, born in 1924, was taken to hospital at 15:20hrs with the diagnosis “multiple bruise-type and degloving injuries of the face, nose, head and left forearm. He had traumatic shock of the 1st and 2nd degrees”, - said Anar Dospayeva, the chief physician of Inder regional hospital. – His condition is serious and he was put into intensive care ward. We are providing full medical help to him."

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