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Free riders travelled hidden in “Talgo” train diesel electric car

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By Zeena Urynbassarova

Regional train inspectors of the Transport Control Committee caught 15 free riders on Talgo passenger-train travelling on route “Almaty-Atyrau”, the RoK Transportation and Communications Ministry press service reports.

Train inspectors discovered 15 free riders on Talgo passenger-train #77 travelling from Almaty to Atyrau. Four of them were travelling in diesel electric car equipped with diesel-run electric equipment that supplies electricity to the train set.

“In this case the main responsibility lies with the railway carrier that allowed transportation of passengers in the car where it is unsafe to travel. Moreover, there are no conditions for travelling: there is only one seat for the mechanic who serves the train”, - said Berik Istleyev, the head of Railroad Transport Control Office of the Transportation Ministry.

He also said that for violation of passengers transportation rules the administrative proceedings has been initiated against the employees of the company “Passazhirskiye perevozki” JSC.

January 21 2014, 14:32

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