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Former Kazakh Top Security Official Sentenced For Corruption

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General Abdirazaq Ilyasov was found guilty of corruption.General Abdirazaq Ilyasov was found guilty of corruption.A former top official of Kazakhstan's National Security Committee has been sentenced to 13 years in jail, reports. 

A court in Almaty on December 30 found General Abdirazaq Ilyasov guilty of corruption, organization of a criminal group, and abuse of office. He was sentenced the same day.

Two of Ilyasov's former subordinates were also sentenced on the same charges.

Captain Aidos Ghabdullin was given 11 years in jail, while Sergeant Abai Esimov was given 10 years. 
Colonel Duman Elemesov, who pleaded guilty, was freed.

The four were arrested in November 2012 after being accused of extorting bribes from foreign workers and businessmen for expediting border crossings.

December 31 2013, 10:50

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