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Kazakh and Russian Presidents signed cooperation documents

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Credit: inform.kzCredit: inform.kzPresident of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev arrived in Moscow for participation in the sitting of the Supreme Eurasia Economic Commission. It is planned that President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev will meet with President of Russia V. Putin during the visit, the president’s press service informs, reports.

The key aspects of cooperation within the integration structures – the Customs Union and the Single Economic Space, will be discussed at the sitting as well as a wide range of issues regarding formation of the Eurasian Economic Space.

Subsequent to a bilateral meeting, the Presidents of Kazakhstan and Russia signed a set of documents in Moscow.

The heads of state have signed a Kazakhstan-Russian agreement on military-technical cooperation. The two states' governments have inked a "roadmap" on joint use of the Baikonur space complex, a protocol on amending Kazakhstan and Russian governments' agreement on trade-economic cooperation in exporting oil and oil products in Kazakhstan, the two states' governments' agreement on cooperation in transportation of Russian oil to the PRC through the territory of Kazakhstan, a protocol on amending Kazakhstan and Russian governments' agreement on oil transit.

December 24 2013, 17:37

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