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"What do Goga Ashkenazi and Nicolò Oddi have in common?", “Return to Kazakhstan”, “Kazakhstan Yet to Ink Deal for Cold-Hardy North Dakota Cows”. “Fired nuke general misbehaved in Russia”, “US Balks at Magnitsky List Expansion", “Lithuania’s President clai

2 082 просмотрs "What do Goga Ashkenazi and Nicolò Oddi have in common?" -  Wholesale account in the bank, beautiful life and age: both are 33 years old. And not just that. The two lately became the topic of gossips on the pages of yellow sheets. Goga and Niccolò seem to be under the sway of passion.  They were photographed by paparazzi during their evening walk in the centre of Milan. The photos are innocent and there are no exchanges of kisses or hugs, but the rapport, nevertheless, is evident. The rumors about their relationship started at the beginning of the year and. They were spotted in Sankt Moritz and at other numerous events. Is it just a simple friendship or do they have a serious relationship? They haven’t confirmed it yet, but, perhaps, their silence means that they are in love and want to keep it quiet. “Return to Kazakhstan” - The Warren Miller crew traveled to Kazakhstan in 1996 to film for Snowriders 2 and returned for this year's film, Ticket to Ride. 1996 was nothing like what they found in 2013. “Kazakhstan Yet to Ink Deal for Cold-Hardy North Dakota Cows” - A North Dakota company that has sent thousands of the state's winter-hardy cows to Kazakhstan since 2010 has yet to ink a deal this year with the oil-rich country. "Iran and six world powers to resume nuclear talks"-  Iran and six world powers will resume talks in Geneva on Thursday about how to implement a landmark nuclear agreement, a week after Tehran broke off the discussions in anger at an expanding U.S. sanctions blacklis. “Fired nuke general misbehaved in Russia” - The Air Force general who was fired from command of U.S. land-based nuclear missile forces had engaged in "inappropriate behavior" while on official business in Russia last summer, including heavy drinking, rudeness to his hosts and associating with "suspect" women, according to an investigation report released Thursday. Parliament Pardons Pro-EU Protesters- Ukraine’s parliament on Thursday adopted a law to free all protesters detained while attending demonstrations in favor of integration with the European Union.

Russia to Hand Over Kaczynski Jet Debris to Poland in 2014 - The wreckage of a plane that crashed in Russia in 2010, killing Poland’s then-president, Lech Kaczynski, will be handed over to Poland after the completion of a thorough investigation next year, Russia’s top diplomat said Wednesday.

US Balks at Magnitsky List Expansion – Report- The United States has declined to expand a controversial blacklist of alleged Russian rights abusers in time for the release of its inaugural annual report on the sanctions, a US website reported Thursday evening. “Lithuania’s President claims Ukrainian government lost credibility with EU” - Doors of Europe are open for Ukraine but not for the incumbent government of that country, President Dalia Grybauskaite of Lithuania said here Friday.

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