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Thousands Protest Ukraine’s deal with Russia

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Tens of thousands of demonstrators take to the streets of Kiev - after Ukraine strikes a deal with Moscow. Earlier on Tuesday - Russia agreed to give Ukraine a 15 billion dollar bailout - and significant cuts to the price of gas, reports.

The deal - with Ukrainian President Vicktor Yanukovich - was a coup for Russian President Vladimir Putin - and quickly sparked more anti-government protests in Kiev's Independence Square. Heavy weight champion - and head of the opposition party “Udar” ("Punch") Vitaly Klitschko said: "We are struggling, but we will win. The authorities are shaking but they have not given up. They've given up Ukraine's national interests. They've given up Ukraine's independence, and they've given up perspectives of better life for all Ukrainians." Mass demonstrations in the former Soviet republic - started last month after Yanukovich walked away from a trade deal with Europe. White House spokesman Jay Carney said the deal won't address the oppositions' concerns: "We urge the Ukrainian government to enter into immediate dialogue with the opposition and all the stakeholders who have expressed their desire for a better Ukraine through demonstrations." With many calling for Yanukovich's resignation, protesters in Ukraine demonstrated into the night - amid growing concern of Russia's influence.

December 18 2013, 15:09

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