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Kazakhstan national wins Miss Asia Moscow 2013

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Saida AbilovaSaida AdilovaSaida Adilova, a model from Kazakhstan, has won the Miss Asia Moscow 2013 beauty contest in Russia, tengrinews reports.  She was also awarded with the Miss Vocal title. 

Saida Adilova, 25, is a clothes designer. She is working at Eat Models model agency. She is the holder of the second runner-up title of the Miss Asiada contest.

16 beauties competed for the title of the most beautiful Asian girl of Moscow. The first runner-up title of the Miss Asia Moscow-2013 went to a Korean girl Yelena Tsoi, and the second runner-up title was given to Aldynai Oorzhak from Tyva. Another participant from Kazakhstan, Aliya Shabarova, won the Miss Individuality title.

Saida Abilova at the Moscow-2013 beauty contestSaida Adilova at the Moscow-2013 beauty contestOther nominations:

Miss Friendship - Alexandra Tsyrenova from Buryatiya
Miss Cinderella - Ilona Obutiva from Yakutia
Miss Grace - Saiana Kinova from Altai
Miss People's Choice - Irina Fateyeva from Buryatiya
Miss Bikini - Anastasia Kailachakova from Khakassiya
Miss Charm - Jamilya Assasyrova from Altai
Miss Smile - Tsatsral Bayarmagnai from Mongolia

Anastasia Stepanova from Yakutiya was the last year's winner. Kazakhstan was represented by Raushan Zinullina in 2012 at the pageant who gained the title of Miss Hollywood Smile. 

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