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Act like Santa Claus and make the orphans' wishes come true! (update)

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“AkZhaik” newspaper’s traditional New Year campaign.

When the clock strikes midnight and New 2014 will come, most likely that these children will be heavily sleeping. The rules in such institutions are strict. Unfortunately, they won't be able to celebrate New Year in the circle of their relatives and nobody will ask them secretly about their most treasured wishуы. That is why I took a notepad and a pen and visited children without parental custody and orphans from a boarding school # 1 named after S. Kazybayev and the regional special boarding school for children with hearing disorders. I told them that Santa Claus sent me to them, so that he knows about their wishes beforehand.

We are inviting you, our dear readers, to use the opportunity to act like Santa Claus and make their wishes come true. So, what are they dreaming about?










Nursultan Zaitov, 6-yo: Asks from Santa Claus a toy pistol, wrist watch and bicycle.











Kamilla Zaitova, 9-yo: a beautiful bag, grooming collection and a dress (Kamilla’s size is 36).











Albina Zaitova, 12-yo: MP3 player, bracelet and pendant.











Zhannur Koubashkyzy, 4-yo: new toys.













Nikita Dleshev, 5-yo: a toy truck.











Yuli Rodionova, 4-yo: a toy bucket and a doll.












Anastasia Rodionova, 5-yo: wrist watch, a pair of trousers and a beautiful jacket (size 34).












Lyuba Alexandrova, 4-yo: a yellow jacket and a pair of trousers (size 30), a hairpin.











Louiza Ikhlasova, 5-yo: a doll and hair bows.










Samal Ongarova, 5-yo: a big white bow, clip-on earrings and a pair of black trousers (size 34).












Sanagul Kuanysheva, 6-yo: lots of toys, a jacket and a pair of trousers (size 34).











Marya Platitsyna, 6-yo: a hairpin and a doll.











Oumit Zhoumaeva, 3 years: a toy.











Tanya Dlesheva, 3-yo: a big doll.










Nursultan Amanat (he responds to the name Mukas - his pet name) 3-yo: a toy car and a helicopter.












Kristina Getz, 7-yo: a doll.












Victor Getz, 8-yo: PSP game, a pencil case, a toy car, a school-bag, a pair of trousers and a jacket (garment and footwear size - 32).










Arouzhan Bisenova, 9-yo: clip-on earrings, elastic band for hair and a headband. A ball dress and pair of shoes (garment and footwear size 32 and 33 respectively). Roller-skates and a crown.










Anya Mourygina, 10-yo: a dress (like bride’s one), a crown, a necklace, agent’s wrist watch, a handbag, clip-on earrings and roller-skates (garment and footwear size 42 and 36 respectively).

She also asks for Anabel doll for her sister, if possible.











Arouzhan Kalieva, 7-yo: a pair of beautiful sunglasses for summer. A necklace, hair bows, a school backpack, a beautiful dress and pair of shoes for the festive events.











Arouzhan Kabdrakhimkyzy, 6-yo: roller-skates, clip-on earrings, a necklace, a crown, a dress and princess’ shoes (garment and footwear size - 28).












Asemgul Kabdrakhimkyzy, 8-yo: a ball dress, hair bows.











Nikolai Budny, 10-yo: sports bag, “Real Madrid” t-shirt, remote control toy car, “Monopoly” table game.











Dima Budny, 9-yo: Thomas cat, a bag, calculator, roller-skates, coloring book, a costume for future Halloween, remote control toy robot and toy set “hospital” where they do operations.











Aman Nurgaliev, 9-yo: remote control toy car, “ranger’s” belt, a warm hat.












Taner Kairgali, 7-yo: a toy train, a taxi car, “Lego”, remote control toy car.












Danil Ignatyev, 7-yo: remote control toy car, spiderman’s constume (size 30).












Vitalik Potyomkin, 7-yo: remote control toy car, a medical set for doing operations, a toy helicopter and Thomas cat.










Sergei Mokhnachyov, 10-yo: a bicycle, remote control toy helicopter, goalkeeper’s uniform, football boots and gloves (size 34, 36) and a soccerball.













Turlan Izmagambetov, 9-yo: “Real Madrid” football uniform with all accessories and football boots (size 34, 36).










Bektilek Ibrai, 12-yo: a basketball uniform and a ball for playing basketball, pair of sneakers (garment and footwear size - 34 and 37 respectively).











Nurly Ibraevs, 10-yo: a bag, cosmetics set, lip-sticks and eye shadows, a dress (size 34) and hairpins.












Anastasia Kartashova, 10-yo: a white ball dress complete with shoes (garment and footwear size- 30 and 34 respectively), a kite and “Winks” doll.












Sabina Naidyonova, 11-yo: clip-on earrings, roller-skates and something … beautiful.












Marmar Rakhidenova, 12-yo: a ball dress (size 42), clip-on earrings and a bag.


Public institution “Regional special (correctional) boarding school for children with hearing disorders” (at Chimposyolok near former Chemical plant). Both kids are orphans:











Ayazhan Zhumabaeva, 11-yo: laptop.



                                                              Azamat Turmanov: game pad (i-pad).













Shynar Zhiendenova, 11-yo: a doll, a pendant and a big shiffon hair bow.





Karolina and Kostya are the heroes of our past publications. See "Lyudmila's Story". The family lives in dire straits and it is unlikely that these kids will get even a modest Chrismass presents. We hope that they will also get the attention of our readers. They said that don't know what they want from Santa Claus, so it is up to you, our dear readers.


Wishes were recorded by Anastasia Pastukhova.



1. Please bring your gifts directly to AkZhaik editorial office. Our address: 5 Zharbossynov Street (across the street from Harizma restaurant, near Renco hotel). Don’t take gifts to the ad collection points.

2. We kindly ask you not to bring gifts to AkZhaik editorial office in the form of money.

3. Please don’t wrap and seal your gifts. You can put them into gift bags instead.

4. Don’t worry, if the journalist who is responsible for the New Year action (Anastassiya Pastoukhova) is not available. You can leave your gifts with her colleagues, who can take care of them.

If you can deliver gifts only on week-ends, then you can leave them with our security guard (they are reliable people).

5. The New Year action is extended till December 22. If you are late, then you can deliver gifts directly to those institutions (you can find their addresses in Internet). 

6. We cannot take you all to the gifts’ distribution event, but you will learn about it from our newspaper article and photos that we will publish in the 1st issue of 2014.

If you have any questions, please call Anastassiya Pastoukhova, her office phone: 27-23-67.

December 9 2013, 17:23

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