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November 17 - Road toll mourning day

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By Murat Sultangaliyev

As the world marked the Road Toll Mourning Day on November 17, a pair of Kamaz long vehicles carrying car debris cruised on the main streets of Atyrau to warn road users against irresponsible driving.

At noon, the 'procession' stopped at the Ak Zhaik Hotel and rocked the city with a minute long honk. However, none of the cars passing by joined the initiative.   

Facilitators of the campaign - administrative police - later circulated a press release, which, for some reason, contained the car-pedestrian accidents report only.   

Year to date, 161 accidents involving pedestrians have happened, in which 22 were killed and 147 injured. As the result, 26 drivers were brought to criminal liability.


November 18 2013, 15:49

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