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Expired food

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6,6 tons of bad food has been withdrawn from retail shops by the Atyrau city prosecutor's office employees.

According to Nurzhan  Zhangereev, the head of the city prosecutor's office department, (on a photo), a spot check of grocery warehouses and shops throughout the country was carried out in accordance with the instructions of the State Public Prosecutor’s Office. During the inspection wholesale companies “Atyrau-Akbulak”, “Prima-Distribution" and several retail shops in Atyrau were caught with bad and expired food stored in their warehouses and shops. On October 30, confiscated bad food (sausages, chicken thighs, cheese, yogurt, sour cream, etc.) were disposed to the city landfill. The city sanitary and epidemiologic supervision administration will be engaged in the process of imposing fines on the violators. 

October 31 2013, 10:14

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