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An Uzbek national has been found dead in Moscow's troubled Biryulyovo district

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A spokesman for the Moscow branch of Russia's Investigative Committee said on October 16 that the body of a 51-year-old Uzbek citizen had been discovered a day earlier. Officials say he had been stabbed multiple times, reported.

The Biryulyovo district made headlines on October 13 after thousands of antimigrant protesters stormed a local vegetable warehouse, where many labor migrants work, and clashed with police.

That incident followed the killing of a Russian man by a suspected migrant from the Caucasus.

On October 14, police arrested more than 1,200 migrant workers in Biryulyovo. On Tuesday, police arrested an Azerbaijani citizen suspected in the killing of the Russian man. A court in Moscow has closed the vegetable warehouse in Biryulyovo for 90 days.

October 16 2013, 16:32

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