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More Psychiatric Exams Ordered For Kazakh Lawyer. Kazakh Pastor Released, Arrested On New Charges. Kazakhstan repeatedly intends to disrupt operation of energy ring with Uzbekistan

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RFE - More Psychiatric Exams Ordered For Kazakh Lawyer - A Kazakh lawyer who is undergoing forced medical treatment in a psychiatric clinic says she has been told to undergo a new "psychiatric assessment" before any decision is made on her release.

Kazakh Pastor Released, Arrested On New Charges - A Presbyterian pastor in Kazakhstan has been rearrested, minutes after his transfer to house arrest.

Reuters - Giant Kashagan oilfield ramps up output after accident - Kazakhstan's giant Kashagan oilfield is pumping 61,000 barrels per day (bpd) after resuming production halted by an accident last month, Sauat Mynbayev, the head of Kazakh state oil and gas firm KazMunaiGas, said on Tuesday. - Kazakhstan repeatedly intends to disrupt operation of energy ring with Uzbekistan - ... the energy system of Kazakhstan is working in parallel with the systems of Russia and Central Asia. Unbalanced operation of the Uzbek power system and unplanned power take-offs activate the automatic emergency response system that leads to cutoffs in the southern zone of Kazakhstan.

Oil and Gas Journal - KazMunaiGaz, Schlumberger sign MOU for Kazakh fields - The fields are Botakhan, Karazhanbas, Kotyrtas North/Moldabek, Mokat East, Nurzhanov East/West (Prorva), and Kamyshitovoe Southwest.

World Architecture News - The ultimate tree house - In the centre of a densely wooded forest in Almaty, Kazakhstan is a little clearing with a single 40ft fir tree, its mature branches stretching outwards in a perfectly natural, unstructured form. This is the site for the latest project for A. Masow Design Studio - a sparkling residential scheme for a private client.

E&P - Kazakhstan Seeks More Discoveries - Without making new discoveries and bringing them onstream, Kazakhstan could be faced with production decline beyond 2030, said Uzakbai Karabalin, the country’s oil and gas minister.

The Diplomat - Is Russia Losing Control of Its Far East? - Whenever Russia decides to assert its authority in what it considers its sphere of influence or in a particular region, it can be safely assumed that its military will be a key component of its strategy. And Russia’s military has been much more active as of late, from plans to modernize and create a cutting-edge, mobile force that Putin believes Russia merits to an increasing number of drills in areas of strategic importance.

Screen Daily - WikiLeaks founder talks first film and future projects after Raindance screening - Mediastan follows a small group of journalists as they travel through remote parts of Central Asia seeking national newspaper editors prepared to publish sensitive cables about the local area obtained by WikiLeaks.

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