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“Criticism grows of Latvia immigration law that buys Schengen access” , “Caspian oil producers eye entering markets”, “Astana awarded 2015 World Judo Championships”

814 просмотрs “Criticism grows of Latvia immigration law that buys Schengen access” - Cries of "Thank god the Russians are coming" are rarely heard in Latvia due to the Baltic state's turbulent history with its giant eastern neighbour. But that's the basic gist of supporters of a controversial Latvian immigration law that has seen thousands of Russians relocate - in theory at least - to the country. “Caspian oil producers eye entering markets” - Caspian oil and natural gas producers have struggled to move their products to world markets, the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) has said in a recent study about Caspian Sea Region. “Astana awarded 2015 World Judo Championships” - Kazakhstan's capital Astana have been awarded the 2015 World Judo Championships, it was announced today. Contracts were officially signed following the opening day of the Judo Grand Prix in Almaty, the country's largest city and commercial capital. “Noel King names Ireland squad to face Germany and Kazakhstan” - Republicof Ireland manager Noel King has named a provisional 26-man squad for October’s World Cup qualifiers with Germany and Kazakhstan. “Kazakhstan: Report Highlights Stability Threats as Succession Looms” - Kazakhstan faces crucial challenges as the end of strongman leader Nursultan Nazarbayev’s long rule approaches, a new report says, with the country’s veneer of wealth and stability papering over cracks in the system that threaten to overwhelm the next president. “16 Kazakhstan citizens accused of major fraud in US” - 16 Kazakhstan citizens are accused of a major fraud in the U.S., BBC reports. The massive case includes tax and bank fraud through illicit schemes, including theft of thousands of identities to get tax refunds. 

October 2 2013, 12:16

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