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Businessman spends T45m on new office for ruling Nur Otan party

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By Murat Sultangaliyev

A brand new building has been fastly erected at Pushkin street in Atyrau recently, opposite to the Kazakhtelecom main office. 

The classic style house with grand pillars that much resembles the old Mir cinema located right on the other side of telecommunications office, is going to be a new home to Adil ZhubanovAdil ZhubanovAtyrau city branch of Nur Otan people's democratic party.

The opening ceremony is expected for around September 26.

Such a present to the party has been kindly provided by Adil Zhubanov, a local deputy and the owner of Batys Alliance Group construction firm.

To Ak Zhaik's reporter he told the building cost him 45m tenge.

Granting expensive presents to the party in power has almost become a tradition in business circles.

In 2006, a group of entrepreneurs split costs to build an office for the provincial branch of Nur Otan. But the city branch had to function at three different addresses scattered across Atyrau. 

As Nur Otan is rallying at an annual conference in Astana in October, another shelter to call own in Atyrau is surely a splendid bounty.


September 25 2013, 14:06

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