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Kazakhstan exports stability to C Asian region- Alexander Kvasnevsky

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Today, former President of Poland Alexander Kvasnevsky, speaking at the Eurasian Forum of Emerging Markets, has noted that Kazakhstan is an "exporter" of stability in the Central Asian region.

Concerning the strategy of Kazakhstan's development till 2050, the ex-President of Poland said the document is ambitious, but he is confident the strategy's aims will be implemented.

"I believe in it, because I know Kazakhstan very well. I came here in 1990 for the first time, when the country endured hardships. Currently, 22 years later I suppose we are to congratulate Kazakhstan on its progress. Today, Kazakhstan is a stable country, which has earned its reputation in the global arena. It is important that Kazakhstan is the source of stability and it exports its stability to the whole Central Asian region," Mr. Kvasnevsky stressed.


September 10 2013, 16:42

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