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Football: Ibrahimovic warns team against mistakes in match against Kazakhstan

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The forward of the Swedish national team and French Paris Saint-Germain FC Zlatan Ibrahimovic shared his opinion about the coming match against the Kazakhstan national team in the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying, reports.

The footballer said that he wanted to play at the World Cup in Brazil after his team won over the Irish national team (2:1). After 7 matches Sweden has 13 points and is in the 2d place in the group behind Germany.

According to Ibrahimovic , they are very serious about the forthcoming game against Kazakhstan. "We are focusing on the away match against Kazakhstan. I am not even thinking about the play-off, but if you make any mistakes they will cost dearly," the footballer said.

Him team mate Sebastian Larsson shares the opinion of Ibragimovic. The midfielder said that all the remaining qualifying matches were very important. "We have an advantage now. It is very important to win the away matches, that is why we are very serious about the game with the Kazakhstan team. We can't afford to make any mistakes,” Larsson said.

The coach of the Swedish team René Alquist said that a disaster awaited them in Astana, meaning the synthetic lawn and the time difference. The coach said that they were favorites only on paper, reminding that Ireland and Austria failed during their matches in Kazakhstan.

Book-makers believe Kazakhstan has no chances against Sweden.

The match between Kazakhstan and Sweden will take place on September 10 at Astana-Arena stadium at 10:00 pm. Kazakhstan national channel Khabar will broadcast it live.

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September 9 2013, 16:04

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