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Highest salaries in Kazakh football revealed

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Following the home victory of Shakhter Karagandy over Scottish champion Celtic FC last week, Kazakh business portal has revealed that the club's payroll budget has doubled in recent two years.

Analysts also checked out how much footballers earn in other Kazakh clubs.

The study was carried out using the information provided by public Information-Accounts Center, which had details on only seven premier league clubs out of fourteen qualified.

As it turned, the biggest salaries are paid in a Shymkent-based football club Ordabasy - almost 1.7mln tenge a month per every employee.

At the same time, Ordabasy has the smallest personnel - 85 people.

The least 'lucrative' club to play is Tobol from Kostanai - an employee gets a montly salary of slightly over 190,000 tenge.

Kairat FC from Almaty has the largest staff - 209.


August 28 2013, 15:55

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