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Bolashak scholarship program to become more effective: Secretary of State Tazhin

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The Bolashak Scholarship Scheme is undergoing certain changes aimed at making it more effective.

Kazakh Secretary of State Marat Tazhin confirmed the new practical approach at the session of the Republican commission on training staff abroad on Tuesday (August 27).

"We are trying to make it more practical, to take into account the actual needs of our economy, state and society in general," Mr. Tazhin said in his opening remarks at the session.

According to the Secretary of State, 1 093 Bolashak scholarships were offered in 2013. 299 applicants have become the Bolashak scholarship recipients in early 2013. 427 scholarships were awarded on Tuesday.

20 medical workers will do internships at the special centers in the U.S., Austria, France, Israel and Russia under the Bolashak program. Great Britain, China and Russia will also offer internships to 18 specialists in agriculture from Kazakhstan. 37 English teachers of local schools, colleges and universities will attend universities in Great Britain, Switzerland and the U.S. to upgrade their qualifications.

Camera men of Khabar and Kazakhstan TV channels will be trained at BBC Corporation (Great Britain), at the Saint Petersburg Telecommunications University (Russia) and in South Korea. Olympic champion boxer Serik Sapiyev is to pursue his Master's degree in Sport Management at one of the British universities.

This and many other opportunities are provided within the Bolashak scholarship.


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