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Flamingo on the spot in Atyrau

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By Zulfiya Iskaliyeva

Sunday night, the theatre of drama in Atyrau hosted a premier concert of Flamingo, a local band of modern and traditional dances.

Along with the senior group of experienced dancers well known from various occasions in the city, there made their debut child dancers, of which the youngest one is three years old.

Despite young age, the little girls demonstrated utmost responsibility dancing their part. Their tender waltz in snow white tutu dresses was splendid and the following agressive jive sparked a tornado of cheers from those who know what it is like to grow a dancer from a kid.

Thanks to friends - singers Shine and Ella Kurtiyeva, sax player Rafael, violinist Nursultan Medetov, dancer Dauren Seyyitkaziyev and dancing group Edem, the auditorium was filled with warm atmosphere bossed by event master Yuliya Kurmakayeva.

Grown into a strong dancing collective over a few years the team consists of 50 artists today: professionals Aigerim Sungat, Saltanat Yeleussinova, Albina Uzakbayeva, Galina Danilova, Nurgul Shmanova, Marina Romanova; an under-8 team and amateurs Inna Takoryan, Dinara Ismagulova, Dinara Amirzhanova, Arai Doskaliyeva, Galiya Kuanysheva and others.

The project is led by Venera Manassova, 27, who is both a choreographer and designer. She began her dancing career 18 years ago under the guidance of Svetlana Karakulina, a prominent dance pedagogue in the oblast.

A talented trainer and drill-master, Svetlana has educated many generations of dancers giving them the most important features a professional needs - discipline and hard work on every movement of the body to the perfection.

Ballet had a great influence on Venera's style - at the time she received ballet classes in the studio of Gulsina Bayyekenova.

As part of Bayyekenova's band, Venera has once been the ambassador of the Kazakh culture to the World Folk Arts Festival in Dubai.

The example of her teachers inspired Venera to stage a public concert so to show the prowess the collective had achieved.

The path of the band began two years ago from the dance duo Flamingo of Venera Manassova and Nurlan Dzhalgaspayev, who had success at various international and republican contests.

Gained confidence, Venera chose to create her own collective. With time, talented dancers joined her and she even opened classes for small kids last year.

The Flamingo show-ballet has a rich repertoire of popular dances, most of which guests could enjoy at the latest concert - a spectacular tango, passionate Spanish dance, sensual Oriental belly dance and the Prison Tango from Hollywood's Chicago musical.

The young stage director believes her creative finding is the waltz derived from 'Hijo de la luna' opera (Son of Moon), partially performed by Ella Kurtiyeva.

A sensual dance by the duo of Venera and Nurlan to the tune of 'Lily Was Here' by Rafael the Saxopohonist gave another savour to the evening.

The concert is over, but Flamingo is still soaring.

Photo courtesy Kanat Yeleuov and Glossy Star Photographers

August 23 2013, 14:31

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