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Football: Shakhter wins over Celtic, coach to give up smoking if wins second match

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Karaganda city FC Shakhter of Kazakhstan has won 2:0 over Scottish Celtic in the first-leg match of the final qualification round of the European Champions League, reports.

The match took place at Astana Arena stadium in Astana. Shakhter scored 2 goals: the captain of the Kazakhstan club Andrei Finonchenko scored the 12th minute goal and then Sergei Khizhnichenko scored the second goal in the 77th minute.

The return match will be played in Celtic Park stadium in Glasgow on August 28.

The head coach of Shakhter FC Viktor Kumykov who has been smoking for 35 years, has promised to give up the addiction if his team overcomes the famous British club and qualifies to the group stage of one of the most prestigious European football tournaments.


August 21 2013, 10:59

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