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Atyrau surgeons get a new superscalpel

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By Laura Suleimenova

August 1, Atyrau's provincial hospital saw the presentation of a new surgery tool - the ultrasound HARMONIC scalpel of the US production. Surgeons shared their impressions of working with the cutting-edge equipment.

The tool is a present from the Caspian Pipeline Consortium. The company says the new scalpel costs $80,000.

The scalpel is electrically powered - its main advantage. When using it cut tissues seal up immediately and coagulate, medics say.

"First of all, it significantly reduces loss of blood to compare with the old 'medieval' method where blood vessels were tied manually and clamped on both sides before cutting. Now we need just 20-50 milliliters of blood in the backup stock. Previously, we had to have as much as 1 liter on standby and even 3 sometimes. Secondly, we now need less bandage. And at last, it halves both the surgery time and the rehabilitation period," told Kaireken Kadyrov, deputy chief doctor (on photo).

There is a great many types of such scalpels - laser, argon-plasmic and cryoscalpels. HARMONIC allows conducting any surgeries, also on children by using special nozzles, except some gynaecologic and some bone operations.

Mr Kadyrov says the hospital fortunately has enough qualified specialists. Some of them have already mastered a similar equipment, which was granted by Agip KCO ten years ago.

In the time to come, a group of surgeons will be sent to St Petersburg to see and learn the most complex surgeries.


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