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Why Is Kazakhstan's Air Force Studying Urban Operations? New Prince Born. Syria intervention 'could cost US billions of dollars'. China’s Demographic Dividend Could End By 2015

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Eurasianet - Why Is Kazakhstan's Air Force Studying Urban Operations? - The Ministry of Defense held a conference so that Kazakhstan's military pilots could "analyze use of aviation in military conflicts by foreign countries and work out suggestions on training of pilots for military actions in urban areas."

BBC - New Prince Born - The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby boy, Kensington Palace has announced. An official notice was placed on an easel at Buckingham Palace for the public to see.

The Telegraph - Syria intervention 'could cost US billions of dollars' - The Chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff has said that American forces could undertake a range of missions to help Syrian rebels if asked by the White House, from providing training to establishing no-fly zones or conducting limited attacks on military targets.

The New York Times - Getting Detroit Back on Its Feet - After suffering through decades of economic decline and official mismanagement, the city of Detroit sought bankruptcy protection last week, becoming the largest American municipality to take that extreme step. The city’s debts total a staggering $18 billion, far more than it could ever afford to pay back given its shrinking population and tax base.

Russia Today - ‘Unavoidable choice’: Cameron readying UK internet porn block - British PM David Cameron has announced that all UK households are to have their access blocked to online pornography unless they choose to ‘opt in’. By the end of next year, households will have to accept or decline an automatic porn filter.

The Diplomat - China’s Demographic Dividend Could End By 2015 - Previously, the Chinese government had estimated its population dividend would continue until 2030. In a January working paper, two economists from the IMF estimated China could reach the Lewis Turning Point as early as 2020.

The Atlantic - The Huge Threat to Capitalism That Republicans Are Ignoring - In the 1950s, Communist ideology posed the biggest threat to the free market. Today, crony capitalism is more corrosive.

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