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Geolog train bridge on the way to Karabatan to close for three months for reconstruction

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By Zulfiya Bainekeyeva

The passage under the train bridge on the route to Karabatan to close July 24Passage under train bridge on the route to Karabatan to close July 24

Initially, Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, a national railways operator, planned to start redesigning the flyover in April, but moved the dates to the next year citing financial difficulties

Later, the company changed plans and Deputy Mayor Zhumabai Karagayev had said the train bridge between Privokzalniy District and Geolog District would be closed on July 20 through November 1.

The redesign plan envisages adding two more lines to the two existing at the moment.

Traffic will be diverted to Elevatornaya street to enter the city near the Bipek Avto car center.

Informal sources say the works will end in late November.

Due to the visit of Agriculture Minister A. Mamytbekov on Saturday, the close of the flyover has been postponed to July 24.


July 22 2013, 09:46

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