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VENICE REPORT: Central Asia's Trans-National Pavilion. Sweet Gas Flow Begins At Kashagan Oil Field.

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Engineer Live - Ensuring right temperatures at oil field - Kashagan, 80km south-east of Atyrau, in the North Caspian Sea, is the largest oil field discovered during the past 30 years worldwide and extends over a surface area of approximately 75km by 45km. Its development represents one of the greatest challenges faced by the petroleum industry, given the deep, high-pressure reservoir, the high sulphur content, the shallow waters that freeze in winter and the marked shifts in temperature.

Money am - Max Petroleum's Borkyldakty field on full development - Max Petroleum said the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan has granted regulatory approval to convert the Borkyldakty Field to full field development status effective immediately.

The Wall Street Journal - Tele2 Trims Kazakhstan Outlook as Earnings Miss Views - Swedish telecom operator Tele2 AB (TEL2-B.SK) Thursday posted a second-quarter net profit increase below market expectations, weighed by slightly lower-than-expected sales, and reduced the net sales outlook for its closely-watched Kazakh market.

Blouin Art Info - VENICE REPORT: Central Asia's Trans-National Pavilion - Located here and similarly a treat is the Central Asian Pavilion, for the fifth time in which the countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan have been curatorially grouped together in a non-governmentally-funded show.

E&P - Sweet Gas Flow Begins At Kashagan Oil Field - Sweet gas has been introduced into the offshore facilities on the artificial D Island and the flare has been lit, marking a milestone in the startup of the Kashagan oilfield in the Caspian Sea, North Caspian Operating Co. (NCOC) said in a news release. This achievement brings the project a step closer to the start of production later this year and follows the June 30 completion of the project facilities required for initial production.

Boxing Scene - Minsk Results: Rabchenko, Zhakiyanov, Relikh Victorious - A trio of highly touted prospects displayed their talent yesterday in front of some local public at Moulin Rouge club in Minsk, Belarus. The show, which featured European light middleweight champion Sergey Rabchenko of Belarus, his hard-hitting light welterweight compatriot Kirill Relikh and Kazakh bantamweight contender Zhanat Zhakiyanov, was co-promoted by local organizer Valery Kaplya with assistance of Philippe Fondu and Ricky Hatton. All of their protégés were victorious.

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