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Kazakhstan and Russia to sign agr’t on ecological system of Ural River Basin in autumn 2013

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Agreement on the conservation of the ecological system of the Ural River Basin between Kazakhstan and Russia will be signed in the autumn of 2013, Vice Minister of Environmental Protection Yerlan Nyssanbayev has said today.

"Following today's roundtable, we will accept the recommendations of both parties, and we will prepare. We hope to sign a new agreement in Yekaterinburg in autumn," he said.

In turn, director of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation Nuritdin Inamov noted that the draft agreement has been developed and is being coordinated with the concerned government agencies of Kazakhstan and Russia, PM's official website reports.

"The signing of this agreement will create a proper legal basis for cooperation on the problem of the Ural River," the representative of the Russian ministry concluded.



July 11 2013, 17:31

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