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Get richer or lose two bucks trying

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By Anastassiya Pastukhova

An unusual amusement has appeared at the Dina Bazaar lately. Every wisher can bid his muscle power for just a 300 tenge bet and get as much as 6,000 tenge if succeeds.

The only rule is to just hang on a crossbar with both hands and keep yourself suspended for two minutes. Seems easy, isn't it?

However, in twenty minutes watching guys trying I saw nobody who managed to keep his weight up in the air even for a minute.

Though the crossbar itself seemingly was hard to grip with a big man's palm, many men could not go past but try to earn $40 in two minutes.

My attempt to talk to the organizer failed, as he was arguing with a client, one of the many who lost 300 tenge on the way to the 'easy' 6,000. 

Bystanders say in a few days of the crossbar competition nobody has made it to two minutes yet.


July 11 2013, 16:41

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