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Workers strike at D Island, Kashagan

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By Laura Suleimenova

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Reports from D Island at the Kashagan offshore oilfield say a group of Kazakhstan workers has come out on strike for the second day in a row. 

According to the preliminary information, the strike involves a few hundred employees of CAPE Industrial Services working under contract with Agip KCO.

Registered in the United Kingdom, the company specialises in construction services for oil and gas sector.

However, according to the regional labor and employment department, at the site the firm has a personnel of only 150.

The others apparently work for CAPE's subcontractors.

Reportedly, workers who previously had been officially notified of completion of works and subsequent staff reduction are being forced by the company management to sign voluntary resignation notes, which will deprive them from reduction benefits.

The labor agency has said an official from the provincial government and a prosecutor has flown to the island to find out true reasons of the labor conflict.




July 9 2013, 11:33

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