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Terrorism suspect deported home from Turkey

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By Zulfiya Iskaliyeva

June 19, Turkey's law enforcement bodies deported a man claimed wanted by Kazakh authorities over terror allegation. 

The same day, he was arrested by National Security - KNB - in Astana over involvement in terrorism and was delivered to Atyrau where previously, April 18, 2012, a criminal court had issued an accusatory verdict in relation to 42 individuals charged over terrorist activities in Atyrau Oblast.

Over the investigation process, 13 people related to the terrorist group were claimed wanted, of which one has just been apprehended, said Balnur Yessengeldinov, a prosecutorate representative.

Interesting is the reason for Turkish authorities to extradite him - violation of visa regulations.

In the homeland, he is being charged with terrorism and inciting social, national, clannish, racial or religious hatred.


June 24 2013, 09:51

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