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Abu Dhabi Plaza Complex planned for Kazakhstan. Nazarbaev retreats on pension reforms. Cameron will go to Kazakhstan despite dubious record on rights.

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Asia Times - Nazarbaev retreats on pension reforms - Nazarbaev singled out the labor and welfare ministry for criticism, accusing it of failing to reach out and persuade the public of the need for reform. He said the government and the central bank - the prime mover behind the bill - had handled the process in a "clumsy" manner and their performance on the issue had been "unsatisfactory".

Radio Free Europe - Kazakh Woman Jailed For Preparing Stepson For Suicide Bombing - A court in Kazakhstan's western city of Atyrau imposed a seven-year prison term on a young woman for preparing her 12-year-old stepson to become a suicide bomber.

The Independent - Cameron will go to Kazakhstan despite dubious record on rights - A year ago there were reports that Mr Cameron had been “pressured” into a visit to the country by President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who was apparently eager to trade concessions over military transit for the prestige of hosting a major foreign leader on his home turf. Mr Cameron was reported at the time to be deeply uneasy about the visit, and in the end it never happened.

Spa Business - Abu Dhabi Plaza Complex planned for Kazakhstan - The Abu Dhabi Plaza Complex in Astana, Kazakhstan will open to the public in November 2016, in time for the Economic Expo 2017 which will be held in the capital city.

Eurasianet - A Diminished SCO Exercises In Kazakhstan - The drill stimulates a situation where terrorists enter Kazakhstan by helicopters and automobiles, hijack hostages in a bordering village and attempt to conduct terrorist activities.

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