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Czechs presented new resort in Aktau

June 18 2013, 14:54

A Czech company has built a new resort in Aktau named Tree of Lives, reports citing the President of Kazakhstan Tourist Association Roza Assanabyeva who attended the opening ceremony.

She says the resort comprises 33 cottages for 100 guests and adjacent recreation areas.

“I am now in a room, it is gorgeous! A family of 4-5 can take one cottage. The accommodation is very good here. The resort is right on the Caspian shore, 30km from Aktau,” she said on the phone.

Ms Assanbayeva said guests from Astana, Almaty, ambassador of the Czech Republic to Kazakhstan Bedrich Kopecky, chairman of the export bank and managers of Tree of Lives Kazakhstan company attended the opening ceremony.

“They will now lay the capsule launching construction of a sanatorium for 200 people. Last autumn Kazakhstan President visited the Czech Republic where the agreement on construction of the resort was made,” Ms Assanbayeva said.

“28% of the world’s population prefer beach vacations. Mainly people take vacation when their children are off school. I highly recommend our people to spend their vacations at our (Kazakhstan) resorts instead of traveling elsewhere," she added.

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