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Public figure about Bergei Ryskaliyev - I believe my eyes, not ears

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All the noise in our oblast now, in newspaper articles in all media, is about Bergei Ryskaliyev, the former governor of Atyrau Oblast. 

Rakhymzhan Otarbayev, writer, playwriter, merited figure of the Republic of KazakhstanRakhymzhan Otarbayev, writer, playwriter, merited figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear fellow country people, we are the witnesses of all affairs, events and changes taking place here. I, one of the local people, have the very right to express my opinion. The first thing to tell is about the information about this man being unfairly played up.

As is known, he who never does anything makes no mistakes. If we go on prosecuting such hardworking specialists, Kazakhstan will run out of its skilled workers.

Enjoying all his good deeds at the time, but swearing at him after he left, piling on accusations. How can this be understood? Who needs this?

"Don't touch me, so I don't touch you" - is this the principle? We are sitting silently as if nothing has happened, as if we see nothing. Why all those things occurred so unexpectedly? It is not 1937 now - why we shouldn't care about an unexperienced young man who cared about people, but has been pulled into a great political game beyond his strength, and was made a scapegoat?

Nine months on since it happened, but we still fear to say a single good word about him. I am sure about one thing - whichever province I traveled to, nowhere I heard a bad word about him. Atyrau has turned into a decent city, this is too, another fact.

Recent years, during his work trips to Atyrau Oblast, the president himself, used to say meeting with the public "Do you remember how this city was sinking in mud and infested with mosquitos 4-5 years ago? And now? Hasn't the city been brought into a civilised look by now? We believe this oil region will continue prospering. This is the merit of this akim and his team..." 

Everyone heard these speeches, where the head of state gave a high evaluation to the socioeconomic activities of Bergei Ryskaliyev and local executive bodies.

Perhaps, there is not a more fair assessment. Unfortunately, we see the situation the greater part of the team has got into.

During the period, wonderful facilities were commissioned in a timely manner, infrastructure and advanced projects were completed. 

People needed drinking water, domestic gas, electricity and paved roads - all these were done not only in the oblast and district capitals, but in remote villages and settlements as well.

The district of Kyzylkoga with a population of 30,000, located in 300 kilometers from the oblast center, had been behind the civilization for centuries and for the first time ever people there learnt how it is like to have gas in kitchen and one-time mud 'streets' are paved.  

Another example is the God forsaken villages like Koshkara, Komsomol and Bekbike, of which people were relocated to comfortable apartments.

Bergei personally forced oil companies to help relocate people of Baichonas and Eskene - he found money and arranged this campaign.

All the republican media are spreading only negative materials about him. He is even being accused of events that took place in other provinces. Or they write that he is allegedly related to groups of traitors of the Motherland, by doing so creating a bad image for him.

Only local people can evaluate any of his deeds in the oblast. I believe, this guy had no other thoughts than to accomplish the presidential policy.  

Now the accusations are that he stole all the money. Then how all the social facilities and infrastucture were built, how are they operating now? No one took them away, they are still in this city, in the villages. Whoever tells, whatever is told, there is the only truth - every of these facilities is working for people.

Maybe that's the destiny of Atyrau people - life is not always good - the life's rule. Unfortunately, after some improvement, after we started raising our heads, rushing ahead of others, seemingly, someone did not like it...

Some rumors now say he is dead. Who will dare to take sin on soul for such a man of worth?

Our people is not big. What will it be if its rare sons get vanished? My wish is this worthy son of our people was safe and alive. We worry about him.

The truth will take any fortress. When it is peace and the people are living good, one's honor should not be under feet. Time will show who is who...

Rakhymzhan Otarbayev, writer, playwriter, merited figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan

May 20 2013, 09:40

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