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Russian Drone Crashes In Kazakhstan. Japan PM Abe warns China of force over islands landing.

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Eurasianet - Russian Drone Crashes In Kazakhstan - There does not appear to be any word yet from Russia on what the drone was doing over the border in Kazakhstan. But Kazakhstan's authorities have handed over the wreckage to Russia. Kazakhstan seems to not be too alarmed about the incident, unlike the last time a foreign drone allegedly violated its airspace.

BBC - Japan PM Abe warns China of force over islands landing - Japan would respond with force if any attempt is made to land on disputed islands, PM Shinzo Abe has warned.

The Diplomat - China Has Not (Yet) Changed Its Position on Nuclear Weapons - Has China abandoned its "no first use" policy when it comes to nuclear weapons? No, says MIT's M.Taylor Fravel.

The National Interest - The Legend of a Democracy Promoter - America's forty-third president may go down as one of the most criticized in American history, but his grand strategy will undoubtedly set the course of American foreign policy for the next administration, and possibly the next generation.

RIA Novosti - Russian Politician Asks Media to Hush Up Mass Killings - Populist Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the nationalist LDPR party, called on the media on Tuesday to stop covering mass killings in order to avoid sparking copycat incidents.

Deutsche Welle - A farewell to growth? - For the foreseeable future, Europe, with its anemic growth, will not be able to play a larger role in boosting the world economy. But Germany's foreign minister says that's not necessarily a bad thing.

April 23 2013, 17:22

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