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Dashboard cams: 30 cops sacked in Kazakhstan

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Anyone may shoot his or her conversation with road police officers on a dashboard camera. Sometimes, officers do not name themselves after they stop a car, moreover, they do not produce their service IDs to drivers, writes

"Any of the plenty videos in the Internet is the evidence. We have created a community to contend with bully cops, lawlessness and disrespectful treatment to drivers through posting videos in the web," says the community's activist named Lazuta.

"We have achieved some success - as a result of our work, about 15 road policemen were dismissed in the South Kazakhstan Oblast and several more in the rest of Kazakh regions."

Lazuta says, they have representatives in Shymkent, Almaty and Almaty Oblast.

Ties with chiefs of police department of Karaganda have been established.

"We plan to set cooperation with Almaty Road Police Directorate in the sphere of revealing indecent behaviour of traffic police officers," he said.

As an example, he showed a video "starring" Inspector Mamedov, who with a view to create an accusatory evidence, tore off his epaulettes claiming he was attacked by the driver. For this trick, he is now facing criminal prosecution.

Another video caused furious reaction in the Internet. A driver who used to keep legal literature in his car, made a police officer step back. With administrative and criminal codes at hand and a traffic rules book, his car was stopped and his driver's ID and vehicle ownership documents were requested. In response, he demanded that the policeman shows his service papers and pointed out the latter's procedural mistakes. The cop "retreated' after failing to explain the true reason of stopping the car.


April 5 2013, 14:39

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