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Opposition fails to muster quorum for Quit Customs Union polling

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Kazakh opposition failed to initiate all-national referendum on whether to quit the Customs Union and Common Economic Space, return privatized strategic facilities to the state, ban construction of a nuclear plant and deployment of a nuclear fuel bank in the country, as well as electivity of akims of all levels, said Mukhtar Taizhan, a public figure and one of the referendum initiators, as reported by IA Novosti Kazakhstan.

As reported before, on March 16, the initiative group gathered in Almaty to adopt questions for polling. According to laws, the results of gathering are subject to consideration by Central Election Commission, which, if approves, issues petition sheets and then initiators need to collect no less than 200,000 signatures.

"Unfortunately, we failed to muster quorum for the referendum. At some points, virtually on the last day before the rally, people travelling to Almaty for the gathering were denied from boarding the train. We met representatives from all oblasts, however, their number was not enough for a quorum. Pity, now we can't continue within legal boundaries - we can't apply to CIC and obtain petition sheets," Taizhan said Wednesday in Almaty.

As he said, over 500 people came to the gathering, but due to obstacles arranged against the meeting, the initiative group could not ensure equal representation of all provinces, as required by the country's legislation.


April 3 2013, 15:31

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