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Kazakhstan to introduce electronic bracelets in 2014

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Kazakhstan plans to start using electronic bracelets in 2014, KazTAG reports citing chairman of the Correctional System Commission of Kazakhstan Interior Ministry Baurzhan Berdalin.

"The use will start in about 1.5 years," Berdalin said at the first forum on the prison reform called Probation and electronic bracelets instead of jails. "The legislative base is in place. We still have to decide how to buy them and the funds have not been allocated for their procurement yet," he added.

However, Berdalin did not specify the cost of one electronic bracelet. "It is hard to say now, as the evaluation has not been made yet. This will be clear in a year. The budget funds have not been allocated yet," he explained. The official noted that the bracelets would be of good quality and the convicts would find it difficult to take them off. Besides, the law will also provide for administrative responsibility for damaging the bracelets.

April 2 2013, 16:51

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