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Unqualified workforce and poor discipline - main violations in oil industry

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Nearly 3,000 breaches of industrial safety were revealed at oil production facilities in Kazakhstan in 2012, reports the country's emergency ministry.

Operation at 44 entities have been suspended. 246 employees were brought to account, the reports reads.

One of the problems is inter-string pressure in oil and gas wells. The most common violation of industrial safety is poor operational and process discipline - permit to work for untrained and uncertified personnel; low qualification level of servicing personnel; incomplete documentation; failure to meet maintenance and repair schedules of main and helping oil production equipment; untimely formalization of permits to use imported hardware.

"This creates risks of industrial accidents and human casualties, which in turn, require to reconsider existing industrial safety provision concepts, to take prompt measures to eliminate reasons for the condition at the enterprises" the ministry said.

IA Novosti-Kazakhstan


March 29 2013, 10:18

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