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Kazakhstan knights to participate at the Battle of the Nations 2013

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Kazakhstan will participate at the 4th Battle of the Nations 2013 - an international historical medieval battles world championship that will take place in France in Aigues Mortes from May 9-12, reports

Altogether this year there will be 27 counties participating at the event. Kazakhstan will send its 7 knights from the cities of Pavlodar, Almaty, Petropavlovsk and Stepnogorsk.

The Governor of Pavlodar Oblast Erlan Aryn promised to help with financing of the trip.

WKT Reference: The Battle of the Nations is an international historical medieval battles world championship, first held in 2009. All battles are full contact, no stage reenactment battles are organized at the championship. The emphasis is put on the combatants wearing historically accurate equipment and heraldry, and the use of appropriate weapons for the combat. In 2012 there were 12 countries that participated at "Battle of the Nations 2012".


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