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Figure Skating: Denis Ten was best in World Championship despite gold medal for hometown boy, Chan

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Kazakhstan's Denis Ten, Canada's Patrick Chan and Spain's Javier Fernandez. ©AFPKazakhstan's Denis Ten, Canada's Patrick Chan and Spain's Javier Fernandez. ©AFPAygul Kuanysheva, the first coach of Kazakhstan’s figure skater Denis Ten, said that the athlete was supposed to become the world champion in Canada’s Championship, reports. 

“Denis performed perfectly. He had to be awarded the first place. However there is no way Canada’s Chan can stay without the gold in Canada. He lost to Ten in the free skating program and the difference in their total scores was very small. I think that the judges tried to keep Chan in the safe side when they gave him points for his short program. Denis had a very difficult season, his injury bothered him, but he did well, he braced himself and showed everything he could. The audience loves him very much,” Kuanysheva said. 

The coach said that: “He has become more mature. You know, this happens to sportsmen sometimes that there come a time when they start producing their best results, the ones there have been working on and moving towards during a lot time. This time has come for Denis.”

Denis Ten won the silver medal of the World Figure Skating Championship in Canadian London. Canada’s Patrick Chan became the world champion for the third time. Kazakhstan's Ten beat him in the free skating program, but still was a little over one point behind Chan in the overall. Spain’s Javier Fernandez won the bronze medal.

March 25 2013, 23:27

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