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Russia and Kazakhstan to preserve the Ural River

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The IX Interregional Cooperation Forum between Russia and Kazakhstan, organized by the Development Bank of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies, opened in Pavlodar on September 19.

It enjoyed participation of the presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan.  More than 450 Kazakhstan and Russian reps of business circle, heads of ministries and departments, regions and cities, international development institutions, experts and analysts attend the forum.
The subjects of the Forum are the development of priority sectors in Kazakhstan and Russia, the formation of Eurasian Union, integrated financial market and innovations.
A major joint project discussed is preservation and rehabilitation of the River Ural basin ecosystem initiated by Orenburg Oblast (Russia) and the oblasts of West Kazakhstan. The countries set up an intergovernmental commission and decided to establish the River Ural rescue fund.  Another project on the list is the preservation of the landscape and biodiversity of the steppes in the trans-border territories in Orenburg oblast and bordering West Kazakhstan regions.

September 20 2012, 14:55

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